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Popular Science Apparatus Workshops Manufacturing Unit : Under the guidance of our mentor, Mr. Rammurti Verma, we have built a wide infrastructure equipped with the latest and the most modern machines. It is with his knowledge and assistance that we have become one of the leading manufacturers in this segment. He has enabled us to build separate units for each department which ensures smooth functioning of the organization without interfering in the works of other departments.

Spread over a wide area, our infrastructure facilities is equipped with the latest and technologically advanced machines. These machines enable us to manufacture high quality goods that are in great demand in the national as well as international markets. We have separate units for manufacturing, designing, research and development and quality control. We have properly segregated our manufacturing unit into different parts. Each part is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for designing, manufacturing, machining, finishing, screen printing, model making and painting. We have a 3D software in the designing unit for analyzing the models form all dimensions. This enable us to manufacture product in accordance to the customer’s requirements. Customer satisfaction is important for us, therefore, we deliver all orders within the time frame. We ensure that the customer is informed about the status of his order and other dispatch details.

Our Research and Development unit is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for analyzing the market scenario and the trends that persist in any given time duration. We have a full-fledged research team working with us for effectively carrying out primary and secondary market research. On the basis of the research, we come up with equipment that are in demand. This enables us to continually upgrade our working environment, thereby exploring new areas. Since, the market is a dynamic entity, our research and development team consistently work together to understand the requirements of our customers and design products accordingly.

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