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    304. Double Scale Meter PSAW The Conventional ‘a’ grade round panel meter of overall size of 85 mm dia in mounded on a suitable desk stand described under catalog No 303 with 3 terminals one terminal is common and the other two provide two different range . Supplied with stand some common ranges are listed below ;-
    304A1.5/3,7.5/15,15/30,30/60v or 1.5/30v
    304B10/100,25/250,50/500 or 100/1000mA
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    303. Meter Desk Stand PSAW All ABS moulded (unbreakable) in conveniently inclined face fitted with two heavy lock type terminals and heavy Lead wires form Bottom side it is closed with unbreakable plastic plate .
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    302. Round Panel Meter D.C. ‘B’ Grade Model PSAW Mo-65 (without Stand) These PSAW Meters were developed by our Engineers for frequently use by students and for other applications where a rugged low cost instrument of moderate precision was needed Specifications are same as Cat No 301 but Accuracy +2.2% f full scale deflection ‘B’ grade with anti parallax mirror but with out desk stand .
    302AD.C Ammeter1,1.5,2.5,3,5 Amps
    302BD.C Ammeter10,15 Amps
    302CD.C Milli-ammeter20,25,30 Amps
    302DD.C Voltmeter1,5,10,50,100,250,300,500 or 750mA
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    301. Round Panel Meter D.C.’A’ Grade Model PSAW Mo-65 (without Stand) * Overall size of the Bakelite panel is about 82 mm dia with dial of about 57 mm dia. * Scale length is about 47mm+2mm . * Accuracy +1.5% F.S.D with anti parallax mirror but without desk stand.
    CAT. NO.SR. NO.TypeCommon Ranges
    301AD.C Ammeter1,1.5,2.5,3,5 Amps
    301BD.C Ammeter10,15 Amps
    301CD.C Ammeter20,25,30 Amps
    301DD.C Milliammeter1,5,10,50,100,250,500,750 or 1000ma
    301ED.C Microammeteri) 0-24 UA ii) 0-50UA
    iii) 0-100ua iv) 0-250,v) 500ua vi) 1000ua
    301FD.C. Votmeter3,5,10,50,100,250 or 300 volts
    301GD.C.MillivoltmeterI) 25mv
    ii) 50,100,250,500mv
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    285. Mensuration Kit (Acrylic) (BM-85) PSAW
    285AArea of Parallelogram
    285BArea of Triangle-set of 3
    285CArea of Rhombus
    285DArea of Trapezium
    285EMid Point Theorem
    285FProperties of Parallelogram
    285GQuadrilateral formed by mid point of a quadrilateral
    285HAlgebraic Identities (Set of cubes)
    285IArea of circle(Wooden)
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    284. Identity Set -III (Wooden) (BM-84) PSAW
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    283. Identity Set -II (Acrylic) (BM-83) PSAW
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    282. Identity Set -I (Acrylic) (BM-82) PSAW
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    281. Octant -3D (Acrylic) PSAW
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    280. Ratio of Area of Similar Triangles PSAW (ACRYLIC)To verify the result that ratio of the areas of two similar triangles is equal to the ratio of the squares of the corresponding sides.
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    279. Triangle Kit PSAW (Group Activity set of 5 Kits) (Acrylic) To teach Congruency of triangle classification by their angle and sides
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    277. Working Model of Pythagoras Theorem (wooden) PSAW
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    276. Pythagoras Theorem PSAW (Acrylic) 50 pcs by arranging small square pieces to make side square )
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    272. Magnetic Graph Co ordinate Board With marker pen (Acrylic) PSAW
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    271. Graph Roll-up Chart 100x35cms PSAW